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Friday, May 14, 2010

Part 2: Letter to Superintendent


As the face of Physical Education is changing, our department would like to incorporate the use the technology into the classroom. The new Exergame phenomenom is sweeping accross the United States as well as the rest of the world. Our department would like to include a Dance Dance Revolution Lesson into our curriculum. The costs for the equipment are fairly inexpensive, as of now a total price of $ 367.69 has been calculated. Our department will need the following equipment to get the program underway; two dance pads, a Play Station 2, a projector, a screen and the DDR game disc. With fundraising in the form of a bake sale at the Spring concert as well as the sale of our Phys. Ed. T-Shirts, we will be able to fund the total cost of equipment. We would also like to start an annual DDR competition with a low cost entry fee, to showcase the talent and skills learned in class. The money earned each year will go towards further research of Exergames and new versions of DDR games. There are not only immense physical benefits that are gained playing DDR, but there is also socialization as well as gains that can be seen in the classroom. Exercise can increae a neurochemical by the name of BDNF, that can help to improve memory which wold lead to increased progress in the classroom. Thank you for your time and consideration, and we hope to soon have one of the top DDR curriculums in the nation.


Physical Education Department
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