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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Part 1C

What do your impressions of using Daily Burn? Do you currently use another form of online exercise and nutrition tracker? If so what is it and which features do you like better? If not, why not and will you consider staying apart of our Rockstar Group? Be sure to include your screen shots (at least 3) that you took and cropped.
Daily Burn is a good idea.

I think it takes a little playing around with it before you know exactly how to use it. I like that you can include everything you eat and drink. I also like how you can make up a work up plan that you can follow through out the week. It is a little confusing when you are first starting out using it though. The only other online tracker I am currently using is for keeping track of my step counts. The only thing that I like better about the step tracker is that you only have to fill out one thing not everything you eat and drink. I think that if I had more time to really watch and pay attention to everything that I was doing in my life than I would consider staying a part of the Rockstar Group. I also think that if I was trying to lose a large amount of weight I would be faithful to filling out everything on the Daily Burn.

How would you use this website to accomplish our Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1B? What modifications would you use to establish a group or individual’s goals?

I would use this website to accomplish our Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1B in a few different ways. I would have the students set up their personal fitness programs; each student is using this for different purposes. They might be using this fitness website to gain weight, lose weight, or become more physically active. Using this website you could set up the fitness plan for each student, set up a meal plan, track weight. By creating a personal fitness program it would meet the Standard #1B because it would be improving the student’s cardio, flexibility, strength, and body composition. You could have the class write up some goals they want to meet as individuals and as a class. The goals could be about weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, or personal best in an area. After setting the goals, through out the year check to see if you are going in the directions to meet the goals.

What electronic tool could you see as being useful for capturing data and reporting for the Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1A? Describe how this tool might work in a High School Setting. If you plan to use Excel, or Google Forms, be sure to include a sample that can tried out online.

If I had to use an electronic tool that would be useful in capturing data and reporting it for the Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1A I would use Excel. I think Excel is pretty popular and students in high school have used it before and should be familiar with it. This tool would work in a high school setting because I would have the students after class type in the amount of exercise they had done the day before and how many steps they took. I think that this might be hard to do at a regular school because computers aren’t accessible in the Physical Education classes. I also don’t think that the students would really enjoy having to calculate data or record data.
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