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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Semester of Learning

This semester has been a great experience. While learning to become a better teacher everyone still maintained an awesome level of fun. It is great that I can say that I will enjoy going to work when so many other people dread their jobs. I was first nervous about this class because I didn't really know anyone in the class, but over the course of the semester many of the other students have become my good friends. I have definitely improved in all my teaching skills and learned a lot about the difference between good teaching and great teaching. I have learned many of aspects of teaching that can make or break a lesson. Proper planning, time and classroom management. You also need a hook to draw in your students and don't be afraid to incorporate technology into your lesson. Just make sure you understand how to use the technology and be ready for malfunctions. Be ready for any adaptation that come your way. I can especially relate because I dislocated my shoulder so I watch as my other classmates had to accommodate my injury. Injuries and disabilities are going to be common in school so we should be ready for anything. On that same note sometimes you can't plan for everything and except the times you mess up and try to learn from your mistakes and be a better teacher. Some mistakes take longer than other, such as me saying you guys instead of everyone. This is a frequent problem and I have been working on it, but I have not kicked the habit just yet. All I can say is that know your strengths and especially your faults so you can try to fix them. There is always room for improvement and you can never stop learning. I will continue to look for new exciting ways to engage.

I had the opportunity to experiment with Exergames early on and use other technology. This has made me want to incorporate much of this technology into my lessons. I have come to the point that there is so much I want to teach that I'm going to hate having to narrow down what I want in my lesson plan and wait until next year to teach other activities.

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