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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here's a Snippet of my Semester

I learned a lot about myself this semester, and I think everyone else did too. From the first day of class, we learned how to be flexible and go with the flow. Teaching isn't easy, and it's something that I am going to be working at my entire life. I learned how to loosen up a bit and try and bring my personality out in my teaching more. There were so many activities that I didn't expect us to be teaching, and I thought that was really cool. Parkour was definitely my favorite lesson all semester, because it was so DIFFERENT. I learned that planning is so crucial in making a successful lesson plan. Also, adding exciting elements to my teaching, like having cool visuals and special guests, made is more experiential for my peers. I need to work on believing in myself and not relying on cue cards, but rehearse my lesson enough to where I am sure that I am able to deliver my lesson. I can't wait until 355 and 356 next semester, and use the tools and experience I have gained from this class. Word.

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